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  1. Check it Out! Blackstone and the Rendezvous with Death (The Blackstone Detective series Book 1)
  2. Check it Out! A Man Who Would Be King: The Duke of Buckingham and Richard III (I, Richard Plantagenet Book 3)
  3. Check it Out! Becoming K-9: A bomb dog's memoir (K-9 Heroes Book 1)
  4. Check it Out! Hope, Fear & Elections: How Cultural Cycles Predict Who Wins The White House
  5. Check it Out! War of 1812: A History From Beginning to End
  6. Check it Out! The Dark Mystery of the High Mountains: A Historical Western Adventure Book
  7. Check it Out! Legend and Legacy
  8. Check it Out! The Outrageous Queens
  9. Check it Out! Scotland: The Most Important People, Places and Events That Shaped Scottish History
  10. Check it Out! The Pilgrims: A Captivating Guide to the Passengers on Board the Mayflower Who Founded the Plymouth Colony and Their…
  11. Check it Out! Collection of Granny's Favourite Main Meal Recipes: My Granny's Top Main Meals that I am Sure You and Your Loved Ones…
  12. Check it Out! The Boy Generals: George Custer, Wesley Merritt, and the Cavalry of the Army of the Potomac
  13. Check it Out! Three Little Things
  14. Check it Out! A Taste of Adventure: Excerpts from the real-life jungle adventure memoir
  15. Check it Out! The American Indians: Their History, Condition and Prospects, from Original Notes and Manuscripts
  16. Check it Out! True Crime Stories: A Prequel: 4 Shocking True Crime Cases (True Crime Anthology)
  17. Check it Out! She Lost Her Muse: Can a young artist begin again? (The Maypole Artists Book 1)
  18. Check it Out! Ruby McBride (A Salford Saga Book 1)
  19. Check it Out! Ludwig van Beethoven: A Life From Beginning to End (Composer Biographies)
  20. Check it Out! Making Sense of World History
  21. Check it Out! Salem Witch Trials: A History from Beginning to End
  22. Check it Out! Ernest Hemingway: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of American Authors)
  23. Check it Out! The Oregon Trail: Sketches of Prairie and Rocky-Mountain Life
  24. Check it Out! 50 Core American Documents: Required Reading for Students, Teachers, and Citizens
  25. Check it Out! A Captain At War: An American Advisor In Fallujah, Iraq
  26. Check it Out! American History in 50 Events: (Battle of Yorktown, Spanish American War, Roaring Twenties, Railroad History, George…
  27. Check it Out! From Arlington to Appomattox: Robert E. Lee’s Civil War, Day by Day, 1861-1865
  28. Check it Out! Racism in America: A Reader
  29. Check it Out! Redemption's Edge (Redemption Mountain Historical Western Romance Book 1)
  30. Check it Out! Sumerians: A History From Beginning to End
  31. Check it Out! An Autobiography of Buffalo Bill
  32. Check it Out! The Complete Essays and Satires of Mark Twain
  33. Check it Out! Chakras for Beginners: A Guide to Understanding 7 Chakras of the Body: Nourish, Heal, And Fuel The Chakras For Higher…
  34. Check it Out! Egyptian Mythology: A Fascinating Guide to Understanding the Gods, Goddesses, Monsters, and Mortals (Greek Mythology…
  35. Check it Out! The History of China in 50 Events: (Opium Wars - Marco Polo - Sun Tzu - Confucius - Forbidden City - Terracotta Army…
  36. Check it Out! The Game of Logic
  37. Check it Out! Magnet Fishing Masterclass: An Aquatic Guide to the Science of Submerged Scrap
  38. Check it Out! Joseph Stalin: A Life From Beginning to End (World War 2 Biographies)
  39. Check it Out! Anthropologies of Revolution: Forging Time, People, and Worlds
  40. Check it Out! Famous Frontiersmen and Heroes of the Border: Their Adventurous Lives and Stirring Experiences in Pioneer Days
  41. Check it Out! Celtic Mythology: A Concise Guide to the Gods, Sagas and Beliefs (Greek Mythology - Norse Mythology - Egyptian Mythology…
  42. Check it Out! Foreign & Domestic: Texian Armada Saga Book 1
  43. Check it Out! U.S. History
  44. Check it Out! Once a Marshal (A Sheriff Ben Stillman Western)
  45. Check it Out! The Mongols: A History
  46. Check it Out! An Apache Campaign In The Sierra Madre
  47. Check it Out! God is Like a Rocket Launch: 30 Day Devotional For When You Are Looking for Their Purpose
  48. Check it Out! Alexander Graham Bell: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of Inventors)
  49. Check it Out! Mayflower: A History From Beginning to End
  50. Check it Out! The Crusades: A History From Beginning to End
  51. Check it Out! The Black Death: A History From Beginning to End (Pandemic History)
  52. Check it Out! Hippos, Hotspots, and Homelands: An Educator’s Journey in South Africa during Apartheid and Beyond
  53. Check it Out! The Count of Monte Cristo
  54. Check it Out! Tougher Than The Rest (MacLarens of Fire Mountain Book 1)
  55. Check it Out! The Duchess and the Cowboy: A Denim and Lace Victorian Western Romance
  56. Check it Out! The American Language: An Inquiry into the Development of English in the United States
  57. Check it Out! Serial Killers Volume 1: 6 Horrific Serial Killers’ True Crime Stories (Six Bloody Fantasies)
  58. Check it Out! Ulysses (Prometheus Classics)
  59. Check it Out! The Blight and the Blarney - Part 1 - The Story (Tales of Flynn and Reilly)
  60. Check it Out! Julius Caesar: A Life From Beginning to End (Military Biographies)
  61. Check it Out! Egyptian Gods: Discover the Ancient Gods of Egyptian Mythology
  62. Check it Out! Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius
  63. Check it Out! A Book of Prefaces
  64. Check it Out! Unexplained, Unsolved, Unsealed Mysteries of the World (Volume 2): Strange Disappearances, Paranormal Activities, Cold…
  65. Check it Out! Mao Zedong: A Life From Beginning to End (History of China)
  66. Check it Out! Vikings: A Concise History of the Vikings
  67. Check it Out! Folk-Lore and Legends: North American Indian
  68. Check it Out! BUDDHISM: Buddhism for Beginners: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment (buddhism for beginners, zen, chakras…
  69. Check it Out! American Indian stories
  70. Check it Out! Alexander The Great: A History From Beginning To End (One Hour History Military Generals Book 1)
  71. Check it Out! Catherine the Great: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of Russian Royalty)
  72. Check it Out! The Renaissance: A History from Beginning to End
  73. Check it Out! Ivan the Terrible: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of Russian Royalty)
  74. Check it Out! My Dear Sara : Civil War Letters 1861-1865
  75. Check it Out! Benito Mussolini: A Life From Beginning to End (World War 2 Biographies)
  76. Check it Out! English Civil War: A History From Beginning to End
  77. Check it Out! Mayan Civilization: A History From Beginning to End
  78. Check it Out! Vlad the Impaler: A Life From Beginning to End (Medieval History)
  79. Check it Out! The Heroes of the Last Frontier
  80. Check it Out! What's Wrong with the World
  81. Check it Out! Roman Britain: A History From Beginning to End
  82. Check it Out! World War 2 Japan: (Pearl Harbour - Pacific Theater - Iwo Jima - Battle for the Solomon Islands - Okinawa - Nagasaki…
  83. Check it Out! Old Indian Legends
  84. Check it Out! Aztec Civilization: A History From Beginning to End
  85. Check it Out! Scenes of Clerical Life
  86. Check it Out! On Hadrian's Secret Service: gripping, unputdownable thriller of Roman Britain
  87. Check it Out! Battle of Antietam: A History From Beginning to End (American Civil War)
  88. Check it Out! Benedict Arnold: A Life From Beginning to End (American Revolutionary War)
  89. Check it Out! Beneath the Blackberry Moon: the Red Feather: a Native American Historical Romance (Creek Country Saga Book 1)
  90. Check it Out! Last of the Great Scouts: The Life Story of William F. Cody -
  91. Check it Out! The Art of War
  92. Check it Out! Scenes and Adventures in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and Arkansas
  93. Check it Out! The History of Britain in 50 Events (Timeline History in 50 Events Book 1)
  94. Check it Out! Dark Psychology and Manipulation: How to Detect Manipulative Techniques and Use the Secrets of Persuasion, Emotional…
  95. Check it Out! The Vikings: Explore the Exciting History of the Viking Age and Discover Some of the Most Feared Warriors
  96. Check it Out! Building the American Republic, Volume 1: A Narrative History to 1877
  97. Check it Out! History of the Negro Race in America From 1619 to 1880. Vol 1 Negroes as Slaves, as Soldiers, and as Citizens
  98. Check it Out! Building the American Republic, Volume 2: A Narrative History from 1877
  99. Check it Out! Throne of Grace (Cliff Walk Courtships Book 1)
  100. Check it Out! Son of Mars: A Novella of Ancient Rome (The Marius Scrolls Book 1)